Aug 22, 2023

Do you know the gender fluid cartoon character from the early 1900s?

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Good morning. Scraping the barrel today for designer news but we do have a few notable links: Product Hunts ex-Head of Product is doing an AMA this week; NNG has a dos-and-donts for survey questions; and a great resource for designers needing slide deck inspiration. This is Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023 in design.


Dan Mall turned his “Design System in 90 Days” workbook into a weekly live cohort
Every week starting in September Dan will be teaching with Starts September 12th.


Julie Chabin is doing an AMA on @elpha all week - send your questions
Office Hours: I was Head of Product Design at Product Hunt for the last 8 years. I’m Julie Chabin. AMA!

Dribbble is hosting a free workshop on AI in design systems
Hosted by Knapsack CEO Chris Stahl, this workshop aims to level up your design system skills.


NNG drops a guide on writing better survey questions
Designing a good survey is harder than it may seem. Ensure accurate and reliable data by writing questions that are appropriate for the method and worded to minimize bias.

RESOURCES—A site dedicated to well-designed decks, slides, & keynotes
Time and again, I found myself lost in endless searches for deck design inspiration. Realising there wasn't a dedicated hub for this niche, I decided to create one.


Maya Gold Patterson (Twitter, Facebook, talks leaving Big Tech behind.
We caught up and talked about her recent decision, and about how it’s left her feeling about Big Tech and about her future.



American cartoonist George Herriman was born.

George Herriman forever altered the landscape of comic art and design with his innovative creation, "Krazy Kat."

This comic strip was unique in its layout and structure, breaking traditional confines by experimenting with panel sizes, shapes, and even the presentation of the title itself. This level of creativity within a seemingly rigid format showcased Herriman's genius and offered future comic artists a new lens of artistic freedom.

Beyond structural design, Herriman's "Krazy Kat" delved deep into themes of gender fluidity, often altering the gender of the titular character, presenting a nuanced exploration of identity long before such discussions became mainstream.

Moreover, with subtle undertones addressing race, identity, and class, Herriman blended design with profound social commentary. His legacy has since become a foundational pillar in comic design, inspiring countless artists to push boundaries both in form and thematic depth.

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