Aug 24, 2023

This revolution in book design & typography was completed 567 years ago today.

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It’s Thursday! We get a peak into Apple’s Vision Pro labs; Lenny Ratchitsky talks Jobs To Be Done (JTBD); Insight into one of Figma’s best campaigns; Figma launches first AI feature; Microsoft has an AI-powered browser-based design tool—that’s right: Microsoft; and sprite sheets are making a comeback. Thursday, August 24th, 2023 in design.


You can now use AI in Figma with “Jambot”
Create visual mindmaps, take brainstorming to a new level, generate ideas with teammates and more.

Framer launches a new video series taking us behind the scenes of new features
Join @mattgperry in the first episode as he interviews @huntercaron, revealing the game-changing features for creating your documentation in Framer.

Scammers are impersonating Waymo recruiters on Behance
A reminder to be vigilant when receiving online job offers, no matter the platform.

Microsoft’s AI-powered design tool is now widely available in Edge
Edge now lets you create designs directly from the browser.


lLenny Rachitsky is talking the ultimate guide to JTBD with Bob Moesta (co-creator of the framework)
Bob Moesta is the co-creator of the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) framework, a close collaborator of Clay Christensen, and CEO and founder of The Re-Wired Group. He has helped launch more than 3,500 new products, services, and businesses and built and sold several startups himself.


“Nothing great is made alone” — Behind the campaign for Figma that emphasizes collaboration
Collins’s bold campaign for Figma spotlights the importance of collaboration. It's a winner of the 2023 Innovation by Design Awards.

Inside the Apple Vision Pro labs
Developers share their experiences going hands-on with Apple Vision Pro.

Changes Over the Last 25 Years of UX Research
In this column, I’ll look back at the changes I’ve observed in UX research over the last 25 years. My goal is not to provide a definitive history of UX research during that period—just to note the changes that I’ve noticed and share my perspectives on them.


A dynamic blueprint wallpaper by Ras Maus
GRID. A dynamic blueprint wallpaper.



The Gutenberg Bible is completed.

Before its creation, books were meticulously hand-copied, making them rare and costly. Gutenberg's innovative printing press and movable type not only democratized information but also introduced groundbreaking typographic and layout standards.

This shift didn't just revolutionize book production; it laid enduring foundations for modern typography and design principles.


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