Aug 25, 2023

This guy is celebrating Jack Skellington style today. . .

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Thank {deity} it’s Friday. 9to5Mac updates us on iPhone 15 Pro colors; People (one man) are still making wood computers; Some free courses from designers for designers; OpenPurpose® brings back NFTs—remember them?; Designer-preneur Jack Butcher walks us through his growth story; and Microsoft’s Edge for Business logo is lazy af. This is Friday, August 25th, 2023 in design.


9to5Mac reports iPhone 15 Pro color options — no gold or purple
When Apple unveils the iPhone 15 Pro line in September, it will no longer offer a gold finish option, 9to5Mac. . .

Midjourney launches feature to rival Photoshop’s Generative Fill
Midjourney says its vary (region) tool can sometimes be unpredictable, generating outputs that are the opposite of what you’ve asked for.

Play’s macOS & iOS app for designing mobile apps is in public beta
It’s official—Play for macOS, and our new iOS app, are in public beta and open for anyone to use! If you're designing a mobile app, we’re buildin. . .


Josh Loh announces ‘Design Gym’ online training with top designers
Design Gym – where design legends are forged and skills are sculpted. An online training platform for designers to build creative fitness.


Jack Butcher of Visualize Value talks growing to 1.2M followers
Jack Butcher is the man behind Visualize Value, a brand that simplifies business concepts and ideas using visuals.

One man in LA is making PCs out of wood — just like our ancestors
Computers used to be made out of wood, endlessly customizable, and totally personal. Now they’re all metal rectangles. Can one guy in his LA house help bring the old way back?

Amazon’s first promo art for Fallout TV show AI-n’t looking good
Amazon recently revealed that its Fallout TV show will begin streaming in 2024 by tweeting a 1950s-looking postcard from Los Angeles, Californ. . .

Medium: Typography & font pairing in design
To stay informed, inspired or get meaning from daily activities, we need words. These words; existent in print, handwritten or digitally, commun. . .


People are roasting the new Edge for Business logo on Reddit
The new Edge for Business logo is so lazy and uninspired. It looks like a depressed slug dragging its suitcase to work.


Dan Mall gives us 26 questions he uses to guide teams through design systems
I put together frameworks that can guide the team to see the journey of the work—and ultimately do it without me. Here are 26 questions I facilita. . .

Ryan Hayward launches a free Framer “micro-course”
Launch a career with Framer. Free course on building & scaling a Framer business. Learn to make more money and become a more valuable Fr. . .

Made by James has a free course to build your creative business
Lets Fookin Focus — My little gift to the creative communiity. This course will help you build a solid Foundation for your creative business.


Nuevo.Tokyo™ takes us through the history of the multi-lens camera.


Tim Burton was born.

While he's primarily known as a filmmaker, the design elements in his work are unmistakable and have had a ripple effect across various design domains including: fashion, graphic design, merchandising, set design, character design and visual aesthetics at large.

Tim Burton has crafted a design language that's unmistakably his own making him an iconic design influence in contemporary pop culture.

A production shot of Tim making The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993).


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