Tim Cook Does Vanity Fair 📸

Plus Adobe giving up XD; New OneDrive design is rolling out; Freelance Finance workshop this Friday 12pm ET; and more...


Here’s what’s happening today in design: Tim Cook does Vanity Fair; Adobe giving up XD; New OneDrive design is rolling out; Freelance Finance workshop this Friday 12pm ET; Build your own personal brand Space this Saturday 8am PST; The Art and Science behind Figma's Dev Mode; Unearthing the origins of Comic Sans; Art as a force of nature; 1,100+ free SVG icons from Untitled UI; The Central Icon system Figma plug-in is here; Outseta launches Webflow app; Systems thinking for product designers; A "retro-spatial" concept for YouTube Music; Lovely badges from Daniel Sun's website; Drumroll's app icon is next level.


The Birthplace of Cinema: Edison's Black Maria Studio.

On February 1, 1893, Thomas A. Edison achieved a significant milestone in entertainment history with the completion of the first motion picture studio, the Black Maria, in West Orange, New Jersey. This pioneering studio, with its unique tar-papered, rotating structure, was designed to capture natural daylight, facilitating the filming of Edison's early motion pictures. The Black Maria marked the beginning of the film industry, serving as the production site for numerous early cinematic works and laying the foundation for the future of film production and motion picture design.







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