Apple Loses Longest-Serving Designer 🍎

Plus Apple's new AI animation tool; Play lets you share prototypes via App Clips; Designing with AI: Pablo Stanley Feb 20; and more...


Here’s what’s happening today in design: Apple loses longest-serving designer; Apple's new AI animation tool; Play lets you share prototypes via App Clips; Designing with AI: Pablo Stanley Feb 20; Framer's free online event Feb 22; How Google built it's Immersive View for Maps; The Anatomy of a Super Bowl Ad; How Brilliant Labs made 39 gram lightweight AI smart glasses Frame possible; Pablo Stanley launches new UI Design Course; Matt Evans is on The Great Design Lead podcast; A lovely combination of 3D, gradients, and noise; Pull to ripple is (re)fresh AF; An icon-based heart knoll for Valentine's Day.


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Orbiting Precision: The Launch of the First GPS Satellite.

On February 14, 1989, a pivotal moment in navigation and technology occurred as the first of 24 satellites of the Global Positioning System (GPS) was placed into orbit. This deployment marked a new era in accuracy and accessibility for location-based services, impacting everything from mapping to emergency response. GPS technology has become a cornerstone of modern infrastructure, illustrating the profound impact of spatial design and engineering on daily life.







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