'Lovers Magazine' Becomes 'Spaces' 🟠

Plus chat with your PDFs with Acrobat's new AI; Neuralink patient can move mouse with brain; Prototyping on Replit event in SF March 4th; and more...


Here’s what’s happening today in design: Lovers Magazine is now "Spaces"; Chat with your PDFs with Acrobat's new AI; Neuralink patient can move mouse with brain; Prototyping on Replit event in SF March 4th; Making collages with Pinterest’s new tool; Landing your first client; How Adobe's Project Primrose dress came to be; A collection of "Dead Simple Sites"; Framer components inspired by Dieter Rams; AI & UX: Innovations, Challenges, and Impact; yuhang is one of a few designers that come to mind when I think about presentation; A wild collaboration between KAS X Jerry-Lee Bosmans; Meta's wrist-based neural interface.


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The Birth of the Peace Symbol: Gerald Holtom's Iconic Design.

In 1958, the peace symbol, a powerful emblem of protest and harmony, was brought to life by British designer Gerald Holtom. Commissioned by the Direct Action Committee as part of their campaign against the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Holtom's design quickly transcended its initial purpose. The symbol, incorporating the semaphore signals for "N" and "D" to represent nuclear disarmament, became a universal sign for peace, embraced by anti-war and civil rights movements around the world. Holtom's creation illustrates the profound capacity of design to communicate complex messages and unite people across diverse backgrounds in a shared pursuit of peace.







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