Wordpress gets AI Builder

Plus "Magic Eraser" coming to Windows; ArchDaily's Building of the Year winners ; Soren Iverson is on Design & Thrive tomorrow; and more...


Heres whats happening today in design: Wordpress gets AI website-builder; "Magic Eraser" coming to Windows; ArchDaily's Building of the Year winners ; Soren Iverson is on Design & Thrive tomorrow; Become a better design leader in May; The ethical designer's handbook on dark patterns; AI-generated album covers prioritize virality over creativity; Design by AI is the fast-food of the future; New Curve Text plugin for Figma; Navbar Gallery has the best navbars on the internet; Replit releases experimental Figma plugin; Raycast's designer is on 8px podcast; This is a fully working Dieter Rams inspired radio built in Framer; A literal hand that pulls to refresh Genius; Arc Searchs new pinch to summarize feature is peak interaction design.


The Gutenberg Bible: Ushering in the Print Revolution.

Traditionally marked on February 23, 1455, the publication of the Gutenberg Bible represents a monumental moment in the history of design and communicationthe first Western book printed with movable type. This pioneering work by Johannes Gutenberg not only democratized knowledge by making books more accessible but also revolutionized the process of printing. The Gutenberg Bible set the standard for printed materials and initiated a cultural shift towards mass communication. Its creation marked the beginning of the print revolution, significantly impacting literacy, education, and the spread of information. The legacy of the Gutenberg Bible endures as a testament to the transformative power of design and technology in shaping human history.







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