Nov 8, 2023

This high-energy electromagnetic radiation was first discovered 128 years ago...

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A Revealing Moment: The Discovery of the X-ray.

On a late autumn day in 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen stumbled upon a discovery that would illuminate the unseen. While experimenting with electric currents through vacuum tubes, he observed a mysterious glow that would later be known as the X-ray. This serendipitous moment unveiled a new spectrum of light that penetrated beyond surfaces, revealing the inner structures of objects and, most importantly, the human body.

The discovery of the X-ray marked a monumental leap in both medical science and design. It revolutionized diagnostic techniques, allowing for non-invasive internal examinations and opening doors to treatments that were previously unfathomable. The design of medical equipment, protective gear, and radiology rooms was transformed to incorporate this groundbreaking technology.

More than a century later, Röntgen's X-rays continue to be a cornerstone of medical imaging, their discovery a testament to the profound impact that design innovation can have on health, science, and the human condition.







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