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Here’s what’s happening today in design: Unity gets visionOS; Oura's new stress resilience feature; Google Messages' text field redesign; Framer's FrontRow Feb 22; New Layers podcast 'Overlay' goes live Feb 7; The Indigo button let there be light; Mixed reality DJ-ing is the perfect use case for spatial computing; In praise of buttons; Segment UI design system for Framer is live; Top 5 strategies to leverage gen AI as a designer in 2024; I'll be grabbing a copy of this Japanese gradients book; The Financial Times and Google Cloud game is dope; This vinyl streaming app is coming along.


Discover How Users Act

We know how important it is for product teams to observe real user behavior. However, most session replay tools today capture an overwhelming amount of data, and don't provide much insight.

That's why we built Stey.ai. Through AI, we help teams select the most relevant sessions, analyze aggregate user behavior data, and generate reports on UX issues. All you need to do is ask questions in natural language.

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Architectural Innovation: The Opening of the Pompidou Centre.

On this day in 1977, the Pompidou Centre, a groundbreaking cultural hub, was inaugurated in Paris. Designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, its innovative 'inside-out' structure, with exposed pipes and ducts, redefined architectural norms. As home to Europe's premier collection of modern art, the Centre melded artistic and architectural innovation, becoming an iconic symbol of contemporary design and a vibrant public space for cultural engagement.







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